Ghana Aba Abrokyire (Twi and it means “Ghana has come to abroad”) was founded in 2014 with the vision to bring our homeland to abroad by showing people what we eat at home. Surely food brings people together. The founder and managing director of this company is Kwasi Oppong and is himself a passionate cook. Our company has been actively participating mostly in the African Community ever since.
Today the company is an independent catering company.
We have worked with major brands in need of catering services and all customers left positive testimonials after their experience with us.

The service is usually based on agreed terms of contract between us and the customer and we make sure our part of the contract is well executed by always placing high premium on our customer’s satisfaction. Upon this service food is prepared by our team of well qualified and experienced cooks and supplied to customers from our spacious and hygienic kitchen located in Hamburg to the customer’s preferred location where the food is served or dished out.
Also the company organizes events such as Royal Kingdom Dinner and sells its own products like the Koko to go. Be part of this movement…

We take orders for all occasions – weddings, birthdays, traditional marriages, outdoorings, baby showers, funerals, social gatherings and many more…